The B-2 Bomber Is Getting An Extraordinary New Upgrade

The B-2 Bomber Is Getting An Extraordinary New Upgrade | World War Wings Videos

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Despite its ability to evade detection, the B-2 Spirit is easily the most famous stealth aircraft in the world. The B-2 has been around for nearly 20 years serving the US Air Force on bombing missions. As reliable as the B-2 Spirit has been over the years, it’s about to get even better with new control processors and upgraded avionics 1,000 times more powerful than before.

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The new systems will allow for more accurate targeting, advanced weapon integration to quickly locate points of attack. The onboard technology was still stuck in the 90s so these advanced upgrades come as a welcoming solution to a constantly evolving battlefield.

“The B-2 Flight Management Control Processor has been replaced with a modern Integrated Processor Unit. This upgrade is a quantum improvement over the legacy system, providing over a thousand times the processor throughput, memory, and network speed.”

– Maj. Gen. Jon Norman (Director of Global Power Programs)

The upgrades make it so the B-2 can get in and out of combat zones much more quickly, making it even more stealthy than before. The processing capacity will also allow the B-2 to carry digital nuclear weapons which are still in the development process.

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