B-29 Crash Landings

B-29 Crash Landings | World War Wings Videos

Brilliant Landing Under Extreme Circumstances

War birds look glorious and extremely powerful in the skies. But sometimes we tend to overlook the danger and perils of those that control them. There’s a lot of risk for the pilots especially those flying the Boeing B-29 Superfortress. Landing these legendary bombers is no mean feat and with all the talent and skills the pilots obviously possess, much respect to them! The water landing is nothing short of perfect. Just look at this video taken after they have returned from bombing missions.

Both of the landings in this footage seem to be extremely controlled especially the water ditch. Such highly skilled pilots! Dramatic indeed! This is one of the things you can watch again and again and still be amazed every single time. This is pretty scary stuff but let’s just take a moment to appreciate all these brave men who are hands-down incredible.

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