B-29 “FiFi” Arrival Flight

B-29 “FiFi” Arrival Flight | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Erik Johnston

Not A Lot Left

“FIFI”, a B-29 bomber, is one of the last two airworthy “Superfortress” out there. The B-29s are famously known for dropping atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima during WWII. So far, the B-29 is the first and last aircraft to ever use nuclear weapons in battle.

This B-29 had been restored by the Commemorative Air Force and was found after being parked for 17 years at a US Navy Weapons Center. The fact that it can still fly smoothly is a testament to how hard the CAF worked to get this 78-year-old plane up and flying.

Today, you can see “FIFI” stationed at the Dallas Executive Airport. “FIFI” also takes part in airshows from time to time. For now, watch this video and see how meticulous these crew members are when it comes to checking off the check-listed procedures. It’s a great insight as to what happens in the cockpit on flights.

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