How It Looks Feeding The Beast

How It Looks Feeding The Beast | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Daily Flight Global

No Shortage Of Ammo Here

It’s not unusual for A-10s to have a painted nose. Several of these “Warthogs” featured in the video have a shark or snake head on their nose. The predators painted on it really drive home how scary these planes can be. 

YouTube / Daily Flight Global

This goes to show that the US Air Force does not screw around when it comes to providing firepower. This titanium-plated plane can generally hold a total of 1,174 rounds of ammo on its autocannons alone. With its simple yet effective design, there is no doubt this “Warthog” can provide the close air support the troops need in combat.

YouTube / Daily Flight Global

The only thing better than seeing its ammo stock replenished is hearing the sound those guns and bombs make as it rains hell on its foes. See this mean-looking aircraft get resupplied with ammo before demonstrating how powerful it is on the battlefield. 

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