B-52 Crosswind Take Off – Looks Daring

B-52 Crosswind Take Off – Looks Daring | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Base Loiter

Crabbin’ Along

If air shows ever decided to feature a B-52 taking off while its landing gear is crabbing, it would be a hit to the observers. Watching a massive warbird like the B-52 take off in the crosswinds is always a great watch.

YouTube / Base Loiter

The skill needed to pull that take-off should really be emphasized. That pilot is very good at his job – he flew that plane flawlessly! The way the B-52 was crabbing on the runway is as interesting as it is impressive. With the size and elegance, the B-52 just has it all!

YouTube / Base Loiter

Watch this huge warbird take off in crosswinds at the RAF Fairford below.

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