Blue Angel Rips Off Woman’s Hat Before Vertical Climb

Blue Angel Rips Off Woman’s Hat Before Vertical Climb | World War Wings Videos


They’ll Be Talking About That For A Long Time.

Blue Angles are known for performing some of the best aerobatic shows in the world, which is why it should not come as a surprise that you’ll be seeing something amazing. Although this is a standard take off done every show, the angle and proximity of this Hornet makes this video pretty spectacular.

Blue Angels were established in 1946 to demonstrate the discipline of U.S. Navy aviators.

This little clip was filmed in 2012 during the Boston Portsmouth Airshow in New Hampshire. It features the number 6 pilot taking off and as he buzzes and scares the people on the ground, it gets even better. This pilot does what’s called a “low transition to high performance climb” meaning that just as he passes them, he pulls on the stick and does an almost  vertical climb. During that, he pulls some massive g-forces.

This is done at almost every show as part of the “solos take-off” routine. This includes the maneuver you’re about to see as well as the number 5 pilot doing a “dirty roll” on take-off. Overall, it’s a video you don’t want to miss.

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