BREAKING | Navy Exploits Latest Media Frenzy To Dupe Young Cadets

BREAKING | Navy Exploits Latest Media Frenzy To Dupe Young Cadets | World War Wings Videos

Honor, Courage, And Commitment, I Choose You.

The U.S. Navy has over 300,000 active duty personnel in their service and they are always looking for more recruits in their ongoing quest to keep America safe. Recruitment has increased over the years with the help of enlistment incentives including monetary bonuses, student loan repayments and the G.I. Bill. The Navy expects to add another 6,000 recruits within the next year but certain recruiters are using a new strategy to attract members, Pokémon.

These days it is hard to go anywhere without seeing someone on their phone hunting for monsters in the augmented reality game Pokémon Go, so it makes sense why U.S. Navy recruiters would reach out this growing crowd. The campaign has been praised by fans of the game but it has also drawn criticism from some U.S. Navy officials.

“[s]ome recruiters made a bad decision in attempting to use the current Pokémon phenomenon to recruit Sailors for the Navy,”



The latest recruitment campaign is gaining attention from fans who want to travel the world in search of rare Pokémon but are they in for a harsh wake-up call? Are these Navy recruiters being smart by appealing to Pokémon Masters or are they being disrespectful to our servicemen?

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