BREAKING | Russian Su-24 Makes “Simulated Attacks” On US Destroyer

BREAKING | Russian Su-24 Makes “Simulated Attacks” On US Destroyer | World War Wings Videos

This Isn’t The First Time This Happened.

On April 13th, 2016, U.S. Navy Destroyer USS Donald Cook was conducting NATO exercises in the Baltic Sea. Accompanied by Polish forces, flight operations were taking place as a Polish helicopter landed on deck. These exercises had to be halted.

At first it was a Russian Ka-27 Helix helicopter that flew by 7 times in the vicinity of the destroyer. It seemed to be taking pictures of the vessel. After, an Su-24 made a total of 11 passes next to the ship.

“This was more aggressive than anything we’ve seen in some time.”-Military official.

The source claimed the Russian jet made aggressive and threatening maneuvers, forcing deck operations to cease. By one account, the Su flew 100 feet off the surface, buzzing the deck within 30 feet. Such maneuvers were deemed unsafe by a defense official, prompting an official complaint to Russia.

What’s more, this act of aggression violates a 1973 treaty between Russia and the United States. It clearly prohibits either side from performing “simulated attacks” on each other, something that was clearly done multiple times during this incident.

The questions that arise from this are many. Was this cocky pilot showmanship acting on his own? Was it Russia sending a message to Poland? Maybe the U.S.A.? Or is it simply Russia keeping everyone on their toes?

The Pentagon is still deciding whether to release the footage of the incident.

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