B-17 ‘Texas Raiders’ Is In Trouble-Here’s What You Can Do To Help In A Minute

B-17 ‘Texas Raiders’ Is In Trouble-Here’s What You Can Do To Help In A Minute | World War Wings Videos


You Can Be A Huge Help.

This is the time of the year for giving, and since all of you are aviation fanatics like we are, you can give something that will matter for years to come. Even if it’s just a dollar, all of us combined can make a huge difference. 

The B-17 Texas Raiders, which is operated by the Commemorative Air Force in Texas, needs a new paint job. It’s not just a cosmetic thing either. Beat by the Texas sun (and other places since she tours a lot), she needs new paint as corrosion is taking a heavy toll on her. Although the team of volunteers have patched up some places, she needs an overhaul in order to remain airworthy.

JUST CLICK HERE TO HELP. (Rembember to select team World War Wings so we know it came from you.)

Please keep in mind, this money will go to the restoration, not the pockets of the museum or anything of that sort. Her maintenance crew who have been keeping her flying for 50 years are volunteers, but materials are still expensive. Every dollar of this money will go to get her back to that Army green she was originally painted with. The iconic nose art, of course, will be restored as well.

We don’t do this often, but since you guys are a part of a community which truly loves these planes, this is the best forum to ask for help. She’s just one of a dozen B-17s still flying, so keeping her up in the air is important.

Hope you guys can chip in. Thanks! If you missed the link above, here it is again.

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