Can You Identify These Planes By Their Closeups?

Can You Identify These Planes By Their Closeups? | World War Wings Videos

Let’s Do Something Different.

We just want to start off with the fact that most of you are literally killing our quizzes. The average we’ve come up with is around 80% across thousands of you who have taken them. Good job!

We’ve varied our tests to include different models, countries and we’ve even tested your statistics skills. All around, you guys certainly live up to the your name.

In that spirit, we figure that you like modern jets as well. We for example love anything that flies for the most part, and we’re guessing you do as well. We post quite a lot about things outside of World War II aviation and our numbers say you love that stuff too. In that spirit, we’re now going to test your knowledge on aircraft 1945 and on.

Not to make it too easy, what we’ve done is similar to some of the other tests. We took pictures and zoomed in on particular parts of them, and now you have to guess what planes they are.

As always, give us feedback and share your results in the comment section. Have fun!

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