UPDATE | Onlookers Caught Fallen Blue Angel’s Last Flyover

UPDATE | Onlookers Caught Fallen Blue Angel’s Last Flyover | World War Wings Videos

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In Memory Of Captain Jeff Kuss.

Last week was a terrible day for aviation and our military as a whole. If you haven’t gotten up to speed yet, we’ll give you a quick rundown of events.

On June 2nd, 2016, two seperate incidents transpired on the same day. At around noon, a Thunderbirds’s F-16 crashed while performing at a ceremony. Luckily, the pilot ejected safely and was unharmed.

Unfortunately, within a few hours an F/A-18 belonging to the Blue Angels crashed as well shortly after takeoff. Sadly, the pilot went down with the plane.

The # 6 Blue Angel, Marine Captain Jeff Kuss, remained a hero to the very end. During a routine practice before a show in Tennessee, his jet headed for apartment buildings and he steered it away to crash into an empty field according to witness reports, giving him no time to eject.

photo source: blueangels.blueangels.navy.mil
photo source: blueangels.navy.mil

Kuss, 32, was with the Blue Angels for two years. The cause of his crash is still under investigation, and we’re following the story closely in order to bring you the latest news.

As for this video, a beach goer captured his last flight. His body was being transported back home to Pensacola, Florida in the team’s C-130 Hercules called Fat Albert. Alongside was the No. 5 plane escorting him on his last flight.

Our hearts go out to his family and friends. Semper Fi.

Here’s The Initial Story From That Day


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