Hot Rod Made Out Of WWII Plane Fuel Tank

Hot Rod Made Out Of WWII Plane Fuel Tank | World War Wings Videos

RoadHeads / YouTube

Meet Joe Alessandrino, a man with a garage where he likes to make hot rods from scratch in some cases. One such case is the one we found a video of below which is made out of a P-47 Thunderbolt fuel tank.

Here are some P-47 drop tanks for perspective. | San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive / Public Domain

Joe bought this 150-gallon monstrosity back in 2010 and wanted to fit it with a Chevy V8 engine, something his friends basically laughed at. A seasoned builder, Joe wasn’t phased and just looked forward to proving them wrong.

Picture of the block under the “hood.” | RoadHeads / YouTube

After just a few years, he figured out how to fit the engine in there, what drivetrain to use and lo and behold the beast in the video below. Although it looks a bit sketchy to drive, the guys who test drove it really loved the way it felt on the road.

For all you gearheads out there, here are the full specs of this build:


  • P-47 Thunderbolt 150 gallon fuel tank


  • custom frame 2×4 tubing
  • 0.120 wall or thicker
  • holds 12 gallons of coolant


  • front – Austin-Healey Sprite, springs made for 1,200 lb car
  • rear – ladder bars, Nuespeed coilovers with 115 lb springs


  • Chevy 350 ci V8
  • New World S/R heads
  • mild camshaft


  • Muncie four-speed manual
  • GM rear end with 3.07 gears


  • front – Austin-Healey Sprite disc brakes
  • rear – 10.5 vented disc brakes


  • chassis holds 12 gallons of coolant
  • 2 x Bus double pass heater cores
  • 2 x 10″ electric fans
  • large oil cooler
Another view of this World War II inspired Hot Rod. | RoadHeads / YouTube

Watch the video below to hear Joe talk about his build and fire her up.

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