Chinese Jet Gets 10 Ft Within US B-52 Bomber

Chinese Jet Gets 10 Ft Within US B-52 Bomber | World War Wings Videos

Youtube / CBS Evening News

Getting Tense

On Tuesday, a Chinese fighter jet dangerously approached a US Air Force B-52 bomber while they were both flying over the South China Sea, as reported by the US military.

The US Indo-Pacific Command expressed concerns over the Chinese pilot’s actions, citing that they engaged in unsafe and unprofessional behavior. The Chinese pilot exhibited poor airmanship by flying too close with uncontrolled excessive speed, maneuvering below, in front of, and within a mere 10 feet of the B-52, thereby jeopardizing both aircraft in a potential collision scenario. The statement released on Thursday emphasized the concern that the pilot might not have been fully aware of the imminent collision risk.

This incident coincides with President Joe Biden’s anticipated meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, scheduled during his visit to the White House on Friday, as per CNN’s report on Thursday. The nature of the meeting, whether formal or informal, remains uncertain. Additionally, Wang is slated to meet with Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Thursday and national security adviser Jake Sullivan on Friday.

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