Cockpit View of A-10 Landing On Highway

Cockpit View of A-10 Landing On Highway | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / military forces TV

A-10 On The Highway

A-10s aren’t the prettiest-looking plane on the outside according to some. The inside, however, tells a whole different story. This GoPro footage from a Warthog pilot shows how fantastic it is to be in its cockpit.

YouTube / military forces TV

It feels so peaceful and serene inside and the only thing you can hear is the sound of the turbofan engine. The people on the highway must have been surprised by what they were seeing. It’s not every day that you share a highway with a Warthog. Better yet, a Warthog that’s currently landing on the same highway as you.

YouTube / military forces TV

As soon as the plane lands, it takes off again like no big deal. Those people got a full demonstration of the Warthog for free!

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