Rockwell B-1 Lancer Blasting Over Head on Takeoff

Rockwell B-1 Lancer Blasting Over Head on Takeoff | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / bobsurgranny


Hearing four huge turbofan engines above you must be so cool. That’s what happened to this pair who patiently waited for the B-1 Lancer to pass over them.

YouTube / bobsurgranny

Known as the “Bone”, this plane is used by the Air Force as a supersonic strategic heavy bomber. Introduced in 1986, it is still in service today and is still getting multiple upgrades in 2019. Before its redesign, it could reach max speeds of Mach 2.2. However, the current version’s max speed is only Mach 1.25 but improved its max speed in low altitudes.

Its 79ft swept wingspan and length of 146ft make it pretty hard to miss. These two are lucky to see such a magnificent plane up close like that.

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