Compilation: WWII Warbirds Firing Up Their Engines

Compilation: WWII Warbirds Firing Up Their Engines | World War Wings Videos

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Powerful Engine Startups

World War 2 was marked with an amazing number of impressive aircraft dominating the skies. There were several incredible models and even greater innovations and improvements. From the engine to the armaments, they have set the bar high for air combat.

  • Curtiss P-40 Warhawk: This was the official name for all single-seat, single-engine fighter P-40s. The term Tomahawk was used for those models which are equivalent to the P-40B and P-40C. As compared to Japanese fighters, this was way faster and sturdier and has the ability to make tight turns. It could outgun them which made this warbird an extremely deadly weapon. It boasted of its lower-altitude high-speed agility.
  • Grumman F6F Hellcat: Introduced in 1943, it rivals the Vought F4U Corsair as a carrier-based fighter aircraft. The addition of 2000hp Pratt & Whitney R2800-10 made this aircraft more powerful and allowed it to excel in any altitude. Nicknamed “ace maker,” it was built to counter the legendary Japanese Zero. The rugged design aimed to dominate air combat and battled for superiority in the Pacific Theater.

Though there were several fighters and bombers during the World War 2, few commanded respect in terms of outstanding performance and speed. The warbirds in this video are definitely among the top fighter and fighter bombers of World War II.


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