Corsair & Spitfire Flying Low and Fast Over Channel

Corsair & Spitfire Flying Low and Fast Over Channel | World War Wings Videos

This Will Keep You At The Edge Of Your Seat!

The music’s great but we would love to hear the roar of the engines better. Those war birds are BEASTS! Such lucky camera men! We’d totally be in aircraft heaven listening to the sound in one fly by. The Spitfire pass was incredible. Can’t think of anything more amazing than this. Check out 1:12 — music to my ears! Just imagine standing at the edge of that canal watching this (That’s currently at the top of my bucket list). 10/10 who have seen this would want to do the same.

The Corsair may be the best looking plane but, I bet we all agree with this one, the Spitfire definitely has the nicest sound (can’t beat the Merlin for sure)! This looks a whole lot better than any special effects from movies. Those wings man, those wings! They’re all utterly beautiful and this low level flying is simply epic.

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