How A Corsair Pilot Did The Impossible

How A Corsair Pilot Did The Impossible | World War Wings Videos

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What happens if a legendary WW2 fighter plane faces a fleet of advanced MiG-15 fighter jets?

It was September 10th, 1952, and the Korean War was raging on. With jet fighters taking the skies, the landscape of dogfights was changed forever.

The Most Important Plane

The Corsair might actually be the most important plane the US used during this war. However, its main role is not to be an air-to-air fighter but as ground support. 

Corsairs could hang around a position longer. In comparison, jets couldn’t stay on station for long since their fuel consumption was higher.

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Whenever troops from the thick forests below needed air support, the Corsair was there to save the day.

But with the MiG-15 entering the fray, the Corsair would be hopelessly outclassed in a dogfight – or so they thought. 

Doing the Impossible

Corsairs would find themselves engaging Soviet pilots when backed into a corner. Jesse Folmar, a Corsair pilot, would be one of these men.

Folmar took off to lead one of the divisions of VMA 312 on an assignment to attack North Korean troop concentrations.

While they were patrolling, he saw MiG-15 fighters who were more than eager to fight him.

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Rather than running from the engagement, he pushed his stick to the left, and pushed towards the MiG.

One of the young Soviets made a crucial mistake, however. He attempted a climbing turn to do a second pass.

The Corsair’s lower speed meant it could out-turn a MiG. Folmar saw an opening, pulled the trigger, and took down the jet.

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He Likes Those Odds

Seven more MiGs joined the dogfight. Hopelessly outnumbered, they decided to head home, but the Corsair took a direct hit and they lost control.

Folmar and his wingman were able to successfully bail out right in time.

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Because of their actions, Folmar and his wingman safely returned back to base and were awarded the Silver Star.

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