Cute Girl Stunned When Chinooks Buzz Her Out Of Nowhere

Cute Girl Stunned When Chinooks Buzz Her Out Of Nowhere | World War Wings Videos

That Turned Out To Be An Even Better Trip.

This couple decided to have a date out on the lake. It seems like it was a beautiful day and the perfect atmosphere to get a boat and just keep everything nice and calm. It sounded like a good idea, but they got icing on the cake on top of that.

A CH-47 Chinook was introduced into service in 1962 and its main purpose is troop movement and battlefield resupply.

While rowing, they heard a really loud echoey noise and one of them thankfully took out their phone to record whatever was happening. What ended up coming over the tree line was a Chinook. Low to the water surface, it whizzed by them and hid behind the trees. Right after that, the girl points behind them again saying, “look, it’s another one!”

And there it was too, another Chinook except that one was lower and closer to them. She didn’t seem to mind though, as she laughed the whole time and seemed to really enjoy it actually. Going out boating might be relaxing, but it can get pretty boring. This little excursion was way more exciting as a result of that!

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