Intense Dogfight Ends In German Pilot Bailing Out Of His Plane

Intense Dogfight Ends In German Pilot Bailing Out Of His Plane | World War Wings Videos

World War II Had The Craziest Dogfights The World Has Ever Seen!

This New Year’s day attack was captured sometime towards the end of the war. Although no date is specified as to the year, the narrator does mention Hawker Tempests which were introduced in 1944 indicating it was probably New Years Day of 1945. Beyond that, the gun camera footage from that day is absolutely stunning. Cleaned up and with a higher resolution, we can really get a feeling of what these dogfights were like.

“At least one Nazi pilot very soon had enough. He jumped for it!”-Narrator

About 25 seconds into the footage you can see an Allied fighter shooting up a Nazi plane. From the looks of the nose, it seems like it’s an Fw 190, and its pilot was lucky to get out alive. Trying to weave and roll out of the Tempest’s crosshairs, he gets hit and loses control of the plane.

You can clearly see him popping the canopy and literally jumping out of the plane. Right before he disappears out of the frame, you do get a glimpse of him opening his parachute. It’s just a spectacular piece of history to have been captured.

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