Dramatic Low-Level Flying Bomber Footage (1943)

Dramatic Low-Level Flying Bomber Footage (1943) | World War Wings Videos

British Pathe / Youtube

Dramatic and Devastating

This video shows bombers flying extremely low to the ground as they head off to bomb a power station in Paris, France. Watch it below.

During World War II, the Allied Forces bombed various locations in France. Between June 1940 and May 1945, they bombed a total of 1,570 cities and towns – killing 68,778 civilians and injuring over 100,000. Almost half a million homes were completely destroyed. In 1943 alone, 7,458 French civilians were killed by Allied bombs.

Some of the deadliest bombings were in Le Havre (1944) with more than 5,000 deaths, Marseille (1944) with 1,752 deaths, Nantes (1943) with 1,247 deaths, and Caen and Saint-Etienne with over 1,000 deaths each.

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