Drill Instructors Are Tough, But SHE Is Horrifying

Drill Instructors Are Tough, But SHE Is Horrifying | World War Wings Videos

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They’re Not Called Marines For Nothing.

When you join the United States Marine Corps, you’re signing up for a crazy ride from the moment you leave the transport bus. As soon as you arrive, the screaming begins and it doesn’t end for what seems like eternity. The end result though? You earn the title Marine.

As for the screaming we just mentioned, yes, it’s rough and in your face. Nothing makes you think on your feet better than going through that training. That’s a drill instructor’s job.

As a fun fact, know that the first female Marine joined the Corps on August 13, 1918. Her name was Opha May Johnson.

These Marines come in many shapes and sizes as the saying goes, but we’re not sure what’s better. A 280 pound ripped male Marine screaming in your face or a much smaller female Marine that looks like she could snap your tiny recruit butt in half? That’s what you’ll see in this video.

It’s hard to watch her because when you do YOUR vocal chords will hurt. She’s ripping a recruit apart trying to make him scream. She however, is showing him how to do it and does a way better job. Check it out for yourself.

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