This Epic Airshow Had A Mustang And Mitchell Strafing And Banking

This Epic Airshow Had A Mustang And Mitchell Strafing And Banking | World War Wings Videos


You Should Go To This Show If You Never Got The Chance.

This awesome footage of two of World War II’s most famous planes comes to us from our friends at AirshowStuffVideos, a Youtube channel dedicated to all the things we love. By the we mean warbirds of course.

This time, this talented team of photographers and videographers ventured out to the Cleveland Airshow which took place just this past weekend. As always, the videos they provided were beyond good.

During this part of the show, the P-51 Mustang named Baby Duck flew in formation with B-25 Mitchell Gerogie’s Gal. Although that’s already impressive when it comes to pure esthetics, the airshow topped even that.

To make things a bit more exciting (as if they weren’t already), they added some pyrotechnics and machine gun sounds. When diving in toward the ground, the well timed wall of fire erupting right after the Mitchell passes is pretty epic. We’ve actually witnessed many of these at the Blue Angel shows as well as others and let us tell you, even if you’re 100 yards out, you can still feel a wall of heat when those things explode.

Enjoy the video.

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