Check Out The GAU-8 Being Tested-That Sound Is Petrifying

Check Out The GAU-8 Being Tested-That Sound Is Petrifying | World War Wings Videos


Careful With Your Ears Here People!

Although not the most pleasing planes to the eye according to some, A-10 Thunderbolt IIs are among the most loved planes in the arsenal today. Saving countless lives performing their CAS missions, they’re the best thing a soldier in trouble can see over him/her.

The reason for this is simple. It’s not so much the plane that’s so awesome but the gun it carries. It’s common knowledge nowadays that the A-10 was actually built around the gun. Basically, it was the first gun to get its own plane.

During this video you’ll see the GAU-8 being tested with a 2.3 second burst during which 170 rounds were fired.

We’re talking of course about the GAU-8. Called “Avenger,” this seven-barrel gatling autocannon strikes fear into anyone who’s on the receiving end of it. It’s capable of shooting 4,200 rounds per minute (although the plane shoots them slightly slower) and to make things worse for the enemy the rounds are 30×173 mm.

For this reason, these babies were first used as tank busters but have since been excellent at providing support for troops on the ground. If it could cut through an armored tank, just imagine what it could do to a building or person!

As for this video, whenever a new Avenger is manufactured it has to go through an “acceptance test.” What you’ll see here is exactly that. The guys filming are about 40 feet away from the testing facility, but notice the crazy sound this thing makes as it echoes all around them. Brrrrrrt on!

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