F-14 Vs SU-57 Dogfight (Top Gun: Maverick)

F-14 Vs SU-57 Dogfight (Top Gun: Maverick) | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / E T H A N • Y A N G

Unrealistically Awesome Dogfight

Top Gun: Maverick’s F-14 Vs SU-57 Dogfight has to be one of the most unrealistically awesome dogfights we’ve ever seen in cinematic history, and we’re not even kidding.

Our favorite part of this whole clip has got to be when the enemy pilot established itself what a threat it was after dodging a missile with a crazy impressive move that even Maverick (Tom Cruise) didn’t see it coming. Moreover, the agility that the SU-57, a fifth-generation fighter showed is completely terrifying.

We also love how dumbfounded Maverick looked after the SU-57 pilot copies his signature evasive maneuver. This is one of the most epic seven minutes in a movie (and dogfight) we’ve ever seen!

And for the F-14, it’s awesome how it went into a dogfight with a 5th gen fighter. As they say, it’s not the plane, it’s about the pilot.

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