F-35 Under Attack – Military Responds In Way We Didn’t Expect

F-35 Under Attack – Military Responds In Way We Didn’t Expect | World War Wings Videos

ABC News

Defending A Fighter.

With the announcement that the F-35A is combat-ready criticism is also becoming more vocal than ever. This news comes after it completed a successful weapons test against a drone at Edwards Air Force Base. However, the destruction of an unmanned drone does not impress the crowds. Unexpectedly, the Military came forward to address the positive aspects of the F-35 rather than dismissing the critics. Features such as vertical lift, speeds of 1,200 mph and helmet-mounted display are the selling points of the F-35. Despite these perks, many are not convinced as a result military officials came to the defense of the F-35.

“Oh it’s definitely worth it. The airplane is gonna bring a different way of looking at strike warfare, air warfare and even surface warfare. The whole gamut. And we have yet to explore some of the concepts we going to use with this airplane because of the capabilities it has.”

– Rear Admiral John R. Haley

Maintaining older aircraft has become difficult as parts become scarce sometimes having to obtain them from aviation museums. The U.S. Military is phasing out other aircraft to make way for their successor and converting fighters such as the F-4 into drones for use as target practice. The F-16 has a greater range of maneuverability but advocates of the F-35 claim that the $400,000 targeting helmet can out hit targets without the need for mobility. Test pilots are praising the F-35 for its capabilities and are looking forward to using them for missions yet, the controversy over the fighter continues.

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