B-1 Lancer Refuels Midair, Then Makes Nice Little Burner Break

B-1 Lancer Refuels Midair, Then Makes Nice Little Burner Break | World War Wings Videos

Staff Sgt. Erin Mills

This Is Simply Beautiful.

For none aviation fanatics, this video might seem a bit trivial. It’s just a plane refueling and then breaking off with some fancy “flare” in the back. For us here however, it’s a bit more than that. When you think about all that is going one, what planes these are and the importance of what they’re doing, this short video gets a whole other meaning.

If you’d want to skip to the burner break, just fast forward to the end of the video. It’s quite picturesque but the entire video is very informative.

During an exercise over Utah, Air National Guard crews from the 191sth Air Refueling Squadron filled up a B-1 Lancer crew with their KC-135 Stratotanker. The Lancer flew in from Dyness Air Force Base, Texas and is part of the 28th Bomb Squadron.

This five minute video shows you how these guys operate and with what precision. The B-1 pulls up nice and easy while the boom operators do their thing. As you’ll be able to see, the Lancer has quite a beat up nose from doing this exact thing over and over again, but like we said, their training missions are crucial to our national security.

We thank all of you for your service!

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