F-35’s Helmet Is State Of The Art, But The Price Tag Will Shock You

F-35’s Helmet Is State Of The Art, But The Price Tag Will Shock You | World War Wings Videos


For That Price You Can Get A Pretty Decent House

The development and manufacturing of U.S’ new fifth generation jet fighter has been a topic of heated discussion over the past few years. Between performance problems and the money invested into the program, taxpayers are getting red in the face when hearing the results.

Let’s forget about the plane for a second though. Like the fighter, the newly designed helmet for the pilots is the most technologically advanced piece of military equipment as well.

The helmet allows the pilots to see ‘through’ the plane, but at a whopping cost of $450,000 per unit.

The helmet allows pilots to see their heads up display directly on their visors. Everything they need to know is right in front of their eyes, making flying easier and more seamless.

In addition, the F-35 is equipped with outside cameras which are linked to the display, allowing the pilot to literally look between his/her legs and see the ground. This makes target identification and situational awareness significantly more effective, increasing the performance of the pilot jet combination.

The only downside however, is the fact that each unit costs around $450,000 adding more costs to an already over budgeted program. We understand that this is new tech and all, but c’mon!

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