F/A-18 Flies Low Between Buildings

F/A-18 Flies Low Between Buildings | World War Wings Videos

Queensland Emergency Vehicles / YouTube

I Want To Live There Now.

Here in the States, we have some pretty epic airshows. From Oshkosh to the Blue Angels, aviation fans can get their fill of whatever type of plane they love. Rules here, however, are pretty tight. The FAA (and common sense) has made stupid accidents a thing of the past. On the flipside, you’ll never see here what you’ll see in this video.

Welcome to Australia. The pilots in the RAAF have a bit more freedom as to where they fly and where they practice, and in this case, it was in the middle of the city of Gold Coast.

It’s a beautiful city full of skyscrapers right on the edge of the water. The only thing that makes this place even more amazing are Super Hornets slicing through the sky on occasion.

This particular flyby happened during a practice session for an upcoming airshow. We found many videos from this event (we’ll share them soon) and it’s nothing short of spectacular. They buzz bridges, balconies and cut between the high rise buildings performing many, many passes.

It’s seriously the most wonderful thing we’ve seen in a while. Check it out.

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