Ferrari Racecar Driver Flew In A MiG-29 And Even He Lost His Mind

Ferrari Racecar Driver Flew In A MiG-29 And Even He Lost His Mind | World War Wings Videos


Now You Can Too.

Alright, it’ll take a bit of saving, but there’s really no price too high for fulfilling a dream. The dream we’re talking about, and honestly many people have, is to take a jet into the stratosphere. Although there aren’t many options out there for such dreamers, there is one that’s been proven and you can take advantage of.

Welcome to MiGFlug, a company that made this a possibility for anyone. Although they have almost a dozen different aircraft available to take you flying, their MiG-29 Fulcrum is their pride and joy. This two seater can travel up to Mach 2.25 (1,490 mph) at altitudes up to almost 60,000 ft. That’s twice as fast and high as a commercial airliner.

To get more details about the flights, click here.

This video is a good testament of what you could expect. Josh Cartu had a dream of becoming an astronaut, but ended up being a Ferrari racecar driver. That’s not a bad tradeoff if you ask us, but at the same time, it’s much different. Making a successful career for himself, he never let go of that dream however. Eventually, he found out about MiGFlug and jumped on the opportunity.

See his story here and what he experienced. It’s quite beautiful and if it can impress a guy that races Ferraris for a living, imagine what it’ll do to you.

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