Fierce Supersonic Sukhoi Su-22 Unleashes Low Flying Strike Attacks

Fierce Supersonic Sukhoi Su-22 Unleashes Low Flying Strike Attacks | World War Wings Videos



Designed as an export version of the Su-17 the Sukhoi Su-22 is a supersonic fighter-bomber. This jet is suited for attacks on both ground and naval targets in any weather conditions. It is more advanced than the Su-17 with several improvements for combat and updated avionics.

The Aviationist

Pilots swear by the combat systems of this fighter which can include two 30-mm, tactical nuclear weapons, cluster bombs, napalm tanks, rocket launchers and so much more. The Su-22 currently serves the air forces of 11 nations and will continue to operate as they make upgrades to its avionics.

“The Su-17 was afforded the same K-36D ejection seat system as found on the modern-day MiG-29 ‘Fulcrum’ and Sukhoi Su-27 ‘Flanker’ jet aircraft series and was powered by a Tumansky R-29 engine. The Su-22 also featured a fixed shock cone, laser range finder and Doppler radar.”

If you have never seen the Sukhoi Su-22 in action check out this amazing video. It has everything from low-flying skills, takeoffs, bombing strikes, gun attacks and everything in between. This is a truly amazing multi-role fighter.

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