An Unbiased 4 Min. About The War In Syria–For Dummies

An Unbiased 4 Min. About The War In Syria–For Dummies | World War Wings Videos


Let’s See What Really Happening There.

As the war further destabilizes Syria, there are so many countries and factions fighting there that it’s sometimes hard to even know what people are talking about. Don’t worry, it’s not because you’re dumb. The fact is that there are so many political plays happening there that today’s friends are tomorrows foes depending on who’s supplying the equipment. Throw a little ISIS/DAESH in there and most people just waft their hand on the whole thing and hope it gets somehow figured out on it’s own.

The fact of the matter is that there is much more at play here than Syria. Although this writeup won’t include the genesis of the conflict as the video will do that way better, we’ll touch on something that isn’t really mentioned in it. With both the United States and Russia dipping their fingers in the conflict for the “betterment” of their respective countries, we’re both supporting opposing sides. The incredible thing is that although this is happening, we’re not touching each other. Why? Because what would happen if one of their planes accidentally shoots down ours or vice versa. You can imagine what that could lead to.

As for the video, check it out to get a pretty simple and easy to follow explanation of what is going on there. Things will become a lot easier for you to understand after seeing this.

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