US Navy Tests F-35C In Harsh Weather – See How It Performs

US Navy Tests F-35C In Harsh Weather – See How It Performs | World War Wings Videos

Weather Or Not?

It’s no secret that Lockheed Martin’s F-35 is still a work in progress, they are open to discuss its features but have yet to display some of them. The trillion dollar fighter jet has received criticism for its large price tag, single engine and intent to push out military aircraft currently in use by the United States. The harsh criticism from the opposition has not slowed down the U.S. Navy from ordering units of the F-35C, the model suited for aircraft carriers.

“Aircraft carriers remain at the forefront of U.S. military power, and the backbone of any carrier strike group is the aircraft it brings to the fight. The 5th Generation F-35C Lightning II is the only fighter that can respond to tomorrow’s threats and preserve the U.S. Navy’s maritime supremacy. Our naval aviators deserve nothing less than the most advanced capabilities to ensure they are able to perform their missions and return home safely.”

– Lockheed Martin

Any work in progress requires testing before being sent off into action and in the video that follows we get a look at the U.S. Navy demonstrating the F-35C Lightning II’s landing capabilities in various weather conditions. The use of the F-35 remains a debatable subject but these trials in harsh weather conditions are necessary to ensure the safety of their pilots.

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