For The First Time, Civilians Can Fly To The Edge Of Space In A Fighter Jet

For The First Time, Civilians Can Fly To The Edge Of Space In A Fighter Jet | World War Wings Videos


Want to become a “Stratonaut”?

Break the Sound Barrier in the MiG-29

Currently there is exactly one location available for supersonic flights for non-military pilots – Nizhny Novgorod in Russia. It is not only the supersonic flight available worldwide, but also  a fairly modern 4th generation fighter aircraft that is the backbone of many air forces around the world. We’re talking about the MiG-29 of course.


A Few Quotes That Underline the Fulcrum’s Qualities

The MiG-29 is a very agile and incredibly powerful fighter aircraft with a climb rate of up to 330m/s. “The MiG-29 is a rocket. It’s as simple as that.”-German Fighter Pilot Johannes Rudolf

The aerodynamic and helmet mounted sight make the Fulcrum a perfect dogfighter:

“Once the furball starts, the MiG-29 is the perfect fighter jet to have.”-Test Pilot John Farley

Its combination of unique aerodynamics, IRST, helmet mounted sight and the Archer air-to-air missile make it basically unbeatable in a dogfight:

“Inside ten nautical miles I’m hard to defeat, and with the IRST helmet sight and ‘Archer’ (NATO designation for the R-73 missile) I can’t be beaten.” -Johann Koeck, Oberstleutnant at German Luftwaffe

Now, the MiG-29 also has some serious shortcomings as a fighter jet like the limited range and being spotted by radar. They don’t play a role for the fun flights for tourists however, as it is being used by the Swiss company MiGFlug that organize the MiG-29 flights.


MiG-29 “Edge of Space” Flight

Apart from the “normal” supersonic and aerobatic flights that are being offered, there is also the so-called Edge of Space flight (more of a nice marketing name by MiGFlug as the MiG-29 typically climbs to about 19-20km anyway.) Nevertheless, the curvature of the Earth can clearly be seen up there, the sky above is all black and thousands of stars can be seen, even during daylight. Also, the atmosphere is clearly visible as a blue fog surrounding the Earth. It’s an incredibly beautiful view. It doesn’t stop there however. You’ll also be breaking the sound barrier, reaching a top speed of up to MACH 1.9 and perform aerobatic maneuvers with forces up to 9.2g. Although that’s impressive, you’ll also be able to control the plane for a portion of the flight as well.

Find out more by going to the official site HERE!

Stratosphere Flights Are Best in Winter

MiG-29 flights take place all year with a summer break in July/August. The flights can be done Monday – Thursday (with some exceptions on Friday). The Edge of Space flight is best done in the cold season from November – March as the MiG-29 can then reach higher altitudes due to the cold air. MiGFlug also helps with all travel arrangements and visa, so you have nothing to worry about. For more information contact MiGFlug:

[email protected]

Phone USA: +1 813 384 3191

Phone UK: +44 (0)20 3129 3070

Phone CH: +41 (0)44 500 50 10

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