Footage Of Goose Trainer Flying Next To His Flock Is Pure Magic

Footage Of Goose Trainer Flying Next To His Flock Is Pure Magic | World War Wings Videos

voleraveclesoiseaux / Facebook

An Incredible Feeling.

This is probably one of the most magical videos we’ve seen in a while. As aviation fanatics, we’re interested in all aspects of it, be it vintage warbirds or the most advanced jet fighters. This, however, is something we haven’t even thought of.

We found this footage floating around on Facebook and it immediately grabbed our attention. We’ve never seen anyone fly next to geese before, let alone in such close proximity. At one point, the female in the front actually touched one of them, very gently of course.

The objective of the company is to “raise awareness about the protection of migratory birds and to reintroduce Lesser White-fronted Geese in Sweden.”

Now, here’s what’s going on. Facebook being Facebook, of course, some of the comments were bashing the couple in the video for “disturbing” and “harassing” the geese, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. Quite the contrary actually. They were helping them.

The company, Voler avec les Oiseaux or “flying with the birds,” is a French destination that offers such flights and it’s the only one in the world to do so.  Their goal is to protect endangered species of Lesser White-Fronted Geese on their migratory journeys. He’s been praised by researchers and animal conservationists. Many news networks and documentary makers also made him a subject of their segments.

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