Guy Eating Sandwich Interrupted By F-18 Buzzing Tower

Guy Eating Sandwich Interrupted By F-18 Buzzing Tower | World War Wings Videos

Time To Take Out That Camera.

This video has all the ingredients of a good flyby video. It seems to be spontaneous and it’s short and to the point. It features one of the finest aircraft in our inventory and it buzzes the tower. All seems good until you see that damn bag.

The headline was sort of a joke, but we’re going to go with it. Here’s what we think happened.

This man, equipped with a phone that luckily shoots high definition video, was minding his own business near an airfield. Hungry, he was happy that his wife reminded him to make himself a sandwich before he headed out the door.

He reached in an stuffed his face and then, like in a dream, he heard a wild jet in the distance. He knew it was coming towards him, as he’s heard that beautiful sound before. Scrambling, he grabbed his phone out of his pocket with his right hand, as his left was still harnessing the sandwich which was quite good.

He captured the moment which came about at the speed of light, but did not realize he was still holding his sandwich. The lens was partially covered by the saran wrap, something he didn’t realize until he was showing the video to his friends when he got back home.

His buddies congratulated him on the awesome video either way, but since then never let him live down the fact that his wife made him make his own sandwich.

The End.

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