Guy Flies His Rc Corsair Like Nothing We’ve Seen

Guy Flies His Rc Corsair Like Nothing We’ve Seen | World War Wings Videos

Motion RC

That’s Pretty Good For Such A “Cheap” Plane.

Over the years we’ve shown you folks a bunch of Rc planes. When we started, we actually didn’t know a lot about them but when we shared our first Rc video, it was clear you were interested. From Thunderbolts to Vulcans, we found the biggest, loudest and true to scale models we could find and learned a lot in the process.

Moki for example, makes the most throaty sounding mini radials that make any model come alive. The one in this video however, is a little different.

Just as a fair warning, this video is about 12 minutes long. The introduction is pretty cool and shows a lot of the functionality of this model, but then there’s about a 6 minute explanation of the plane, what it comes with etc…If you’re a Rc flier, you’ll find it interesting. If not, skip about 4:30 minutes into it to see this thing in action.

If you want to check out the SPECS of this airframe, we found a link here for you to check out.

Like the guy in the video says, for the money, it’s probably the best Rc Corsair out there. Sure, the Moki ones we mentioned above are definitely cooler, but you’re looking at $10K+. This is a good starter kit and when we saw it, we’re now considering getting it ourselves.

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