This Guy Found And Explored Abandoned German WWII Bunkers-It’s So Eerie

This Guy Found And Explored Abandoned German WWII Bunkers-It’s So Eerie | World War Wings Videos

WW2HistoryHunter / YouTube

German Engineering For Ya.

We are absolutely beyond ourselves to have found this YouTube channel. Although our website and Facebook page deal predominantly with World War II and military aviation, we do enjoy all things history has to offer. This channel is a gold mine for this, but also has that “explorer” feel to it which many of us have deep down.

Called WW2HisotryHunter, this channel was created by a German guy who just goes out and finds all sorts of World War II remnants scattered around Europe.  His channel is literally filled with dozens of videos from different expeditions he goes on and he films everything himself. He also has a drone, which is why you’ll be able to see some stellar aerial footage of all the places he goes to.

To top things off, and this is the cherry on top, he seems to know a lot about World War II history. He doesn’t overdo it, but he talks throughout his videos and gives you a lot of information you would have otherwise missed.

In this particular segment, he found some bunkers on the beach. Not only will you get to see them from overhead, he actually goes inside these and narrates what he’s seeing. Keep in mind that the video is about 14 minutes long, so feel free to skip around. Any place of the video you land on will have something different and interesting though, so there’s a good chance you’ll learn something from it.

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