Happy Birthday EAA Celebrating 64 Years In The Sky

Happy Birthday EAA Celebrating 64 Years In The Sky | World War Wings Videos


Better With Age.

On January 26th, 1953 the Experimental Aircraft Association had their first meeting and gave the gift of aviation to the world. For 64 years it has been the gift that keeps on giving and helps us all celebrate aviation. They aimed for the skies and kept on soaring, Happy Birthday EAA.

Stationed out of Oshkosh, Wisconsin the EAA has been one of the strongest voices in the aviation community. Whether it is commemorative displays, teaching young pilots to fly, cultivating new aircraft designs or the annual Airventure Airshow if it flies the EAA is there to help.

“EAA began with a with a simple meeting in Paul and Audry Poberezny’s home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. EAA has been headquartered in Milwaukee and Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The annual fly-in has been held in Milwaukee, Rockford, Illinois and Oshkosh. EAA has grown from a handful of aviation enthusiasts to an international organization representing virtually the entire spectrum of recreational aviation.”


As the years went on, their passion for flight evolved and the rest of the world has grown to love it too. EAA memberships are on the rise, their annual Airventure Airshow attracts over half a million attendees annually and shows no signs of slowing down. Take a look at this film from the EAA to see their humble beginnings and how they developed such a devoted following.

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