Hawker Sea Fury Dreadnought startup

Hawker Sea Fury Dreadnought startup | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Tim Adams

A Smoky Afternoon

This Hawker Sea Fury can be seen starting up its engine for the upcoming Reno Air Races. 

YouTube / Tim Adams

Sea Furies have been a staple in these air races since 2009. Before, these aircraft were fitted with a Bristol Centaurus 18 radial engine capable of outputting 2,480hp. 

However, Sea Furies used in air races like this one had their original sleeve valve Centaurus radials replaced with a Pratt & Whitney R-4360 radial engine.

YouTube / Tim Adams

According to one of the Sea Fury owners, 

“It [Centaurus radials] lacked the grunt to compete for victory in the Unlimited class.”

That’s why most Sea Fury owners have shoehorned a massive four-row, 28-cylinder Wasp Major engine into the aircraft. You can see it in action below!

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