He Shows You How to Preflight A P-51 Mustang

He Shows You How to Preflight A P-51 Mustang | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / airailimages

Start Where You Finish

The checks start on the left tire. The gear trunnion should be solid, and the radiator intake is cleared. As you go along the aircraft, knocking on its frame can alert you of any loose screws. 

Next, you check the intake carburetor to make sure it’s clear and the prop is free of any damage. The starboard wing gets the same treatment as the port along with inspecting the pitot tube. Ailerons and flaps should be locked in place, and radiator doors are inspected for any leaks.

The tail’s elevators, trim tabs, connectors,  and rudders should also be in a fixed position. Going back to the port side, its pitot-static tube, ailerons, trim tabs, wing tips, and lights are all checked again.

Of course, there are probably more steps that we missed. Check out Greg Anders’ walkaround in the video below!

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