Helicopter Rodeo Is The Most Incredible, Irresponsible Thing You’ll Ever See

Helicopter Rodeo Is The Most Incredible, Irresponsible Thing You’ll Ever See | World War Wings Videos

Lucas M. Schnorr

You’d Never Find Me In Those Bleachers!

This post is not at all World War II related, nor does it feature a plane but sometimes you come across something you want to share with the whole world. This is that thing. It’s amazing, it’s fantastic, it’s sensational and also downright stupid.

Welcome to Brazil, an amazing country with lots to offer. From a vast forest which features amazing wild life, tropical fruit and tourism opportunities to extravagant night life and food, this huge country doesn’t lack diversity and things to do. But, that’s not enough to entertain some people apparently.

Rodeos are big in certain states in Brazil, but those are pretty crazy and nothing like you’d see elsewhere. Complete with an awesome firework display, through the cloud remnants of them swoops in a helicopter. A man jumps in on the side of it and holds on to the handle with one hand as you’d do on a bull and insanity ensues.

The pilot rocks the entire helicopter back and forth and spins it around like a wild bull as the guy outside tries to hold on for dear life. The crowd goes wild when one particular swing gets the rotor blade of the helicopter mere feet over their heads. Now that’s impressive, but goes off the charts on the danger scale.

What do you guys think? Is this cool and good ol’ fashion fun or the dumbest display of piloting you can’t even comprehend? Let us know!

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