High-Speed T-38 Squadron Ignites Into Action

High-Speed T-38 Squadron Ignites Into Action | World War Wings Videos

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Birds Of Prey.

Tyndall Air Force base has home to some amazing aircraft and legendary pilots. Some planes have been retired after their time, pilots have left after completing their service requirements. But there is a jet that has been a mainstay at Tyndall for over 50 years and has no plans to leave, the Northrop T-38 Talon.


Once upon a time some of these T-38s were part of the US Air Force Thunderbirds Air Demonstration Team. Now these jets have assumed an instructor role, helping new pilots learn to fly and training with modern jets.

“These aircraft are very cost effective, compared to other aircraft used for training, such as the F-15 Eagle and F-16 Falcon. We can get many good years out of these jets at the fraction of the cost before having to resort to a more expensive alternative.”

– Lt. Col. Glen Richards (325th Fighter Wing Program Integration Officer)


Tyndall Air Force Base has given their T-38 Talons a sleek, black color that you just can’t help but love. A favorite among pilots and fans alike these jet-black T-38s look absolutely amazing as they scramble into the skies on another mission in this clip from Tyndall AFB.

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