How to Start Up The “Grumman Goose”

How to Start Up The “Grumman Goose” | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / PembertonAndSons

Startup Checklist 

It is fascinating to see the number of items on the checklist. It makes you appreciate how thorough pilots and co-pilots are when following procedure. The checklist is straight to the point and easy to follow.

This Grumman Goose was built In December of 1942 and was given to the British RAF under the lend-lease program. In the RAF, it was used for air-sea rescue training during the second world war. It bounced around after the war and found itself in Alaska where it corroded slowly and needed extensive repairs.

Thanks to Pemberton & Son’s Aviation, this flying boat is now one of the 25 airworthy Gooses in the world. Their work on its restoration and repair should be celebrated.

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