How WWII Battleship Guns Work – My Mind Is Blown!

How WWII Battleship Guns Work – My Mind Is Blown! | World War Wings Videos

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Can I Have My Battleship Now?

This training film taken straight from the World War 2 era will teach you the fascinating operation and function of a US Battleship’s main guns. You’ll realize this is way more complicated than you think and with its enormous power, operating them is NOT a piece of cake. Anyway, you know what’s great about this clip? It did make me feel like I’m now fully equipped to be on board and take my place among those operators. 🙂 On a more serious note though, it was a time when you had to work A LOT to get those big guns firing and it’s not as easy as movies make it look. Besides, there’s a reason why every process and procedure need to be done correctly and without making any mistakes because it might put the entire battleship in jeopardy and the crews in danger.

Remember, in this case, it’s always better to give than to receive.

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