Huge Rc Corsair’s Engine Gives Out Mid-flight

Huge Rc Corsair’s Engine Gives Out Mid-flight | World War Wings Videos

Nice To See He’s Got People Who Support Him.

Rc flying is an incredible hobby to pick up, especially if your warbirds of choice are of the World War II variety. All you need to get started is basic aviation knowledge so you can fly them, a ton of spare time to build them and  last but not least, a few thousand dollars. (Some actually cost way more.)

Ok, so that was a little joke and we don’t mean to deter anyone from following their passions. It is a really expensive hobby however, which is why this video is worth a watch.

First off, we’d like to congratulate this guy for building this a Corsair. The model is a real thing of beauty and that definitely deserves a mention. Also, we figured that he’s using a 250cc Moki engine which sounds fantastic (other models can sound like small lawn mowers.)

We looked around the web and saw that the 250cc Moki engine equipped on this Rc goes for more than 4Gs. Ooooookay.

The 4 minute video you’re about to see shows everything from start to finish. The pilot first sets up the Corsair and makes tiny engine adjustments, but as you’ll find out, that wasn’t enough.

After skillfully flying around, he runs into trouble. By “trouble” we mean that the engine completely shut off high above ground. His buddies jump in to help, telling him to steady the plane and make sure it comes down in one piece.

Check out the result below.

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