If You Think Servicing An F-16 Is Easy, Think Again

If You Think Servicing An F-16 Is Easy, Think Again | World War Wings Videos

The Guys That Keep The Other Guys Flying!

We all love aviation. Be it a World War II vintage plane or the most modern jet, anything that goes up in the air really fascinates us. We talk about it, dream about it and revere almost every pilot we’ve ever met. They’re the ones that not only have one of the best jobs in the world, but also keep our countries safe.

The U.S. still operates 1017 F-16 as of today.

The point here is that although we live and breathe aviation, we often (not all of us of course) overlook one major part of all of this. The maintainers. The mechanically inclined guys without whom they’d be no great pilots doing great things because their planes would simply not run. They’re an absolutely essential part of flying everyday and we found a clip that will show you exactly how hard their job actually is.

For something as simple sounding as changing a hydraulic line, you have to remove the entire engine for example. That gets a lot more complicated of course, and lets not forget to take down the ordnance in case anything was to happen! Check out this video and let us know what you think.

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