In-Flight Cockpit View Of B-52 Bomber Landing

In-Flight Cockpit View Of B-52 Bomber Landing | World War Wings Videos

Source: YouTube Channel 'Gung Ho Vids'

Best Seat In The House!

Are you green with envy yet? Because we are! These pilots have our dream jobs (I wouldn’t mind waking up early to go to this kind of ‘office.’). Oh and did we mention they have the best sunset views too? Yep, and we bet sunrise looks just as awesome. This B-52 Bomber flies out of Barksdale Air Force Base and as they prepare to maneuver the aircraft for landing, you can appreciate the cockpit colors ranging from red to green to white.

Seeing the pilots take over the controls will remind you that there are so many things going on behind the glass. Somehow, they always make it look easy — steer here and there. But man, their skills are unparalleled. So the next time you see some badass war bird flying over (or doing some amazing stunts and maneuvers), tip your hat to the even more badass pilot behind it.

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