Incredibly Low Takeoff by Blue Angels Jet

Incredibly Low Takeoff by Blue Angels Jet | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / bobsurgranny

Impressive Low Takeoff

The “Blue Angels,” are the US Navy flight demonstration squadron. Similarly, they also represent the Marine Corps. In total, the Blue Angels fly 11 jets- 9 single-seat F/A- 18E Super Hornet and two 2-seat F/A-18F. 

This video captures an incredibly low Blue Angel take-off. In fact, it kind of reminds us of the Darkstar scene from Top Gun: Maverick. There’s no doubt that these kinds of take-offs will definitely wake you up!

Another cool fact is that these planes actually take passengers for a ride. But don’t get too excited though- you couldn’t just pay for a ride. The flight demonstration squadron Blue Angels only gives away three seats to key influencers in their KI program. 

According to the Blue Angels, their KI program is: 

“A program that selects individuals who shape attitudes and opinions of youth in their communities”

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