In Cockpit View Of Aerobatic Plane-Watch Her Pull Massive Gs

In Cockpit View Of Aerobatic Plane-Watch Her Pull Massive Gs | World War Wings Videos

TUCKIE10 / YouTube

Be Careful, This Might Seriously Get You A Bit Dizzy

Meet Svetlana Kapanina, the worlds best female aerobatic pilot. This Kazakhstani born stunt woman started flying at the age of 20 and the rest is pretty much history. A year after she graduated from Kaluga aeronautical technical school, she started racking up more medals than anyone in the same category. She won seven World Aerobatic Championships as well as two World Air Games Championships. Overall, she’s simply among the top pilots in the world disregarding gender.

Nowadays there’s nothing that men can do that women can’t.-Svetlana Kapanina

Although she can fly many types of planes, Kapania’s favorite bird is the Russian built Su-26. Developed in the 80s, this aerobatic plane is powered by a M-14P radial engine producing 360 horsepower, giving it a top speed of 281 mph. Among pilots in the sport, it’s considered one of the best aerobatic prop planes ever designed. It’s no wonder then why it’s Kapania’s favorite. Highly maneuverable, she can do with it as she pleases, something you’ll get to experience when you watch this clip.

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